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Red Wine
Magon Vieux AOC 1er cru 2000 Magon AOC 1er cru 2002 Chateau Mornag AOC grand cru 2002   
White Wine
Muscat sec de kelibia AOC 1er cru 2003  
Rose Wine
Gris d'Hammamet AOC 2002
Tunisian Traditional Liqueur
Liqueur de Figue

Boukha l'Oasis (Liqueur de Figue)

~Since Carthage, Tunisian wines still a love story between Land, Man and Sun.~

Its mountains, sun, Mediterranean sea, gold-like sandy desert, its huge and marvellous golf courses, its timeless monuments, and with "les vignerons de Carthage" who plant and cultivate the finest typical Tunisian vine since 3,000 years make of Tunisia one of the most beautiful country in Mediterranea.

In 1948, "les vignerons de Carthage" proceeded in earnest to a reorganisation of the Tunisian viticultural sector by creating a cooperative grouping together 10 wineries located each in a controlled apelation zone (Grand Cru Mornag, Mornag, Coteaux de Tebourba, Kelibia, Sidi Salem, and Coteaux d'Utique), which enabled an unprecedented technical and technological evolutions.

The annual production outlet is of 250,000 hectoliters, 70% of which are red, 15% are rose, and 15% are white. The red and rose wines are elaborated from old Mediterranean grape varieties (Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot). The white wines are elaborated from the grape varieties: Muscat of Alexandria and Chardonnay. The whole is made with love and passion.

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