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Boukha L'Oisis (Eau de Vie de Figue)

BOUKHA is a fig brandy developed in a distilleries at La SOUKRA close to Tunis. The BOKOBSA BOUKHA known the world over is the national drink inTunisia.

Its quality was rewarded with numerous medals at international fairs. BOUKHA initially is an aperitif drunk ice cold but it is also used to concoct many different cocktails or sipped as a digestive at room temperature.

BOUKHA originally means 'alcohol fumes' in the Tunisian dialect; it is a simple distillation of Mediterranean figs from Turkey and Tunisia that are kissed by the sun and produce a natural sugar with inimitable taste.

The BOKOBSA BOUKHA is a healthy, 100% natural brandy sipped dry, at room temperature or ice cold before or after meals; its goes remarkably well with fruit juices for cocktails and gives a pleasant after taste to fruit salads. (See Recipes)

Origin: Tunisia
Grande Distillerie de la Soukha
Ingredient: Dry Fig 100%
Degree: 36 % vol.

<Boukha Oasis 500ml>
Size: 500ml
1bottle: 2,450yen (Ref.No. V-011)

Package: Glass bottle + carton box

*** BOUKHA Recipes***

<Ruspina Cocktail>
1/4 pineapple juice
2/3 boukha
2 dl Grenadine
1 dl egg white

Stir. Serve in a large cocktail glass and garnish with a thin orange or lemon slice

<Beach Cooker>
1/2 pear juice
1/2 Boukha
Crushed ice

Add fresh fruits (orange slices and cherries)

<Skanes Beach>
1/4 orange juice
1/4 grapefruit juice
2 dl Grand Marnier
2/3 Boukha
2 dl strawberry syrup

Stir. Serve in large cocktail glass

<Long Drink- Monastir Cocktail>
1/2 peach juice
2 dl Orange Bitter
1/2 Boukha
2 dl Grenadine
Crushed ice

Add lemon slice and cherries

1/3 Cacao cream
1/3 Pastry cream
1/3 Boukha

Stir and serve in a large cocktail glass

<Five o'clock>
3/4 fruit juice (Pineapple, orange, grapefruit, pear or peach)
1/4 Boukha

Serve very cold

1/3 cacao cream
1/3 pastry cream
1/3 Boukha

Mix with shaker and serve immediately

<Tunisian Punch>
1/6 lemon juice
1/6 orange juice
1/6 white rum
3/6 Boukha

Add some grenadine and crushed ice. Mix with shaker as a Long Drink

1/4 pineapple juice
3/4 Boukha
2dl grenadine
1dl egg white

Stir in a large glass with a long spoon for two and serve as a long drink; garnish with a thin orange slice.


***Legal Age Requirement. We sell our alcoholic produts only to a person who is at least 20 years old.***

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