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Domaine Clipea Chardonnay AOC 2011

This Chardonnay produced in the Domaine Clipea is located in AOC Mornag. This AOC is bordered by the Mediterranean sea which protects the vineyards from the hot southern wind called "Sirocco" and the heat of the summer days.

The grapes are hand harvested in the morning freshness to protect them from the heat of the summer days. Maceration takes place wihtin 16 hours at a low temperature of 12 C.

Visual: This is a classical Chardonnay, clear with pale yellow undertones.
Nose: A bouquet of beautiful mature fruits with bints of lime and hazelnut.
Taste: A rounded and full wine, hints of fresh butter give this wine great body. A good length and strong finish.

Origin: Tunisia
Producer: UCCV
Color&Type: White wine
Bottle: Bordeaux type, 750ml
Degree: 11.5 % vol.
Varietals: Chardonnay
Ideal Serving Temperature: 12 C

1bottle: 1,523 yen (Ref.No. V-005)

1 carton (12 bottles): 16,449 yen (1,371 yen / 1 bottle) (Ref. No. V-016)

***Legal Age Requirement. We sell our alcoholic produts only to a person who is at least 20 years old.***
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